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Task Ventures was founded by software industry entrepreneurs in the U.S. and Europe with substantial experience in managing and growing international start-ups, as well as established software and services companies. As a European-American company, Task is uniquely qualified to support the international expansion of high-technology companies. Task creates value for its clients by accelerating their expansion into international markets, while minimizing their risk and helping them attain higher returns.




Marketing- & Sales Performance

Starting point by strategy development and go-to-market planning to expand into international markets is knowledge of the marketing- sales performance and the requirements for success in these markets. Experience, faster-time-to market and lower cost will deliver faster growth and higher profits.

Direct sales offices

When your business needs to establish direct sales offices in Europe or the U.S., Task Ventures can help you quickly establish and staff local sales offices that are effective, flexible and focused on new business development. Task Ventures management understands the legal hurdles, local customs, and language barriers in the countries you want to enter. A key benefit we offer is the ability to rapidly recruit and build a high-performance team.



What do we do?


International Channel Development

Whether you require VARs, distributors, OEM or other indirect channels, Task understands the local markets, speaks the native languages, and has the experience and relationships to help you quickly build high quality sales channels that deliver results.

International sales

Successful IT companies usually employ a combination of sales channels and strategic partners to maximize their international sales. Task works with our clients to determine the optimal channel mix to start with, and we ensure that you have the basis to grow and expand. Task has the management depth and experience to accelerate your entry into international markets, and doing so at less cost and risk than doing it yourself.




Strategic partnerships

Knowing the right people and speaking the same language. Task can help you, in Europe and the USA, form joint ventures and strategic partnerships to help accelerate your international expansion. We helped many different companies and we are ready to help you.

Mergers & Aquisitions

Task Ventures offers merger and acquisition services to help your business secure strategic opportunities in international markets. We focus only on the Information Technology sector, with a concentration on Trans-Atlantic and intra-Europe M&A opportunities. Our services include helping you formulate your strategy, identifying potential partners, and assisting in negotiating and structuring transactions.



Growth - Value Creation







Americas Office

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