Strategic Partnerships

International Business Partnerships
Your ability to succeed in new international markets can depend on how well you choose and engage the right strategic partners to represent your offering. No matter what geography you want to enter, Task can help open doors for you and build productive strategic partnerships.

Whether you seek partnerships with complimentary software, services, or hardware companies, Task Ventures can help your business choose and motivate partners that will deliver results.

Working with Task to establish strategic partnerships offers these benefits:

  • Because we have strong relationships with potential partners in the markets you want to enter, you attract and secure the right strategic partners for your business sooner.
  • Wherever you want to forge relationships with European or U.S. companies, Task can help you accomplish your goals faster with lower costs thanks to local proximity, language, and knowledge of local business practices.
  • Partnering with the experts at Task allows your business to concentrate on what it does best, thereby keeping your current business on track.
  • Task knows what it takes to build and maintain strategic partnerships that deliver measurable results, not just cosmetic appearances.

Task Ventures Strategic Partner Services include identifying suitable partners, initiating contact, negotiations, meetings, and ongoing relationship monitoring and management.