Mergers & Acquisitions

buy clomid over the counter Continue Reading Task Ventures offers merger and acquisition services to help your business secure strategic opportunities in international markets. We focus only on the Information Technology sector, with a concentration on Trans-Atlantic and intra-Europe M&A opportunities.

Our substantial experience in the technology industry and our geographic presence in Europe and the U.S. enables us to better serve your business in those markets. Task has offices in The Netherlands, France, Sweden and the United States, and we have a network of relationships with companies and organizations throughout Europe and North America to accelerate creating opportunities for you.

Sale Side Representation

Sell-Side M&A

Task Ventures provides financial advisory services for all types of mergers and acquisitions. We identify prospective North American buyers of European technology companies, and present your company to potential buyers and assist in negotiating and closing M&A transactions.

Business Buyer Representation

 Buy-Side Representation

Task Ventures helps you formulate an acquisition strategy that matches your business objectives, including the identification of acquisition targets.

Joint Venture

 Joint Ventures & Strategic Partners

Task can help you form joint ventures and strategic partnerships to help accelerate your international expansion. Our services include helping you formulate your strategy, identifying potential partners, and assisting in negotiating and structuring transactions.